Heatguard Heat Shield Sleeves

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AeroflowSKU: AF91-2011

Length (M): 1M
Hose ID: 1" (25.4mm) I.D., Suits -6, -8, -10 & -12 PTFE
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Heatguard Heat Shield Sleeves AF91-2012 AF91-2002
1-1/2" (38.1mm) I.D., Suits -12, -16, -20 Hoses

Aeroflow Heat Guard heat shield is engineered to protect hoses, cables and wire harnesses from damage due to exposure to extreme heat, open flame, molten splash and welding sparks. It resists all automotive chemicals and solvents, and provides a substantial level of abrasion and puncture protection.

Made with a thick, high temperature resist fiberglass sleeve that is jacketed with a non-permeable, heavy duty black silicone coating. This silicone jacketed fiberglass sleeving is the choice of professionals in racing and other industries where protection from constant high temperatures is mandatory. These heat sleeves are flame resistant, and can be exposed to constant heat of up to 260C (500F) with splashes of molten materials with temperatures of up to 1100C (2000F). It is not recommended for direct contact with any heat source.

It is recommended for a tight fit choose a heat sleeve diameter that is a smaller size than required for your application. For a more flexible/loose fit select a heat sleeve diameter that is the same size or slightly larger than your application, this will ensure that the cables are able to smoothly and easily move.

Warning glass fibres can cause irritation to sensitive skin always use correct personal protection equipment when handling this product.


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