Aluminium AN Double Ended Pro Wrench Set -3AN to -20AN AF98-2244


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Aluminium AN Double Ended Pro Wrench Set -3AN to -20AN
Black Finish, With Grey Spanner Bag

The Aeroflow Pro AN Spanner is perfect for all hose end assemblies and adapter fittings, providing a perfect fit so they won't mark your fittings. They are Slimline enough to get into all corners of tight spacers. All aluminium spanners are hard anodized black and size stamped. Being a double ended spanner set they will fit designed to suit B nuts of AN fittings, including 7 sizes from -3AN to -20AN. Recommended to also use in conjunction with the Aeroflow Performance adjustable wrenches or vice jaws to install braided hose to fittings. Available in a complete kit with a Pro Spanner roll up bag for protection included or each Pro AN spanner is sold separately as well.


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