Bosch Motorsport 74mm DBW Electronic Throttle Body - Suit Drive By Wire Applications


Part Number: 74mm DBW
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The Bosch Motorsport drive-by-wire (DBW) electronic throttle bodies are designed to control the fresh air delivery into the engine electronically replacing the mechanical linkage from the accelerator pedal. This DBW setup will require three things to make it work: I. An accelerator pedal module (Sold Separately 0 280 755 05), 2. A throttle valve that can be opened and closed by an electric motor (DBW) and 3. A powertrain or engine control module (PCM or ECM) either factory or aftermarket.

The DBW will work with all applications with flex-fuels, CNG and LPG if they are injected in the air stream after the throttle body. The DBW is great for custom applications when a large throttle body is required with both 74mm and 82mm versions available for to suit various engine capacities.

- Opening direction is counter clockwise
- Two redundant sensors control the throttle position
- DBW electronic throttle bodies have an idle air position
- Temperature range is -40 to 140 degrees C
- Can be connected directly to PCM/ECM units with ETC functionality
- Supply voltage is 6 to 16 V
- Output signal I: 0 to 5 V for 0 to 90 degrees
- Output signal II: 5 to 0 V for 0 to 90 degrees
- Bosch Part Number: 0 280 750 474


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