Bucket seat base mounts MX5


Left/Right hand sides: Drivers Side
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Listing for one of NZKW race seat bolt on seat rails.

LVVTA or MSNZ Authority Card is required for this product to be road legal in NZ.

In Compliance with MSNZ & LVVTA

Please note: all the seat belts have to be separated from the new seats and seat rails. It is buyers responsibility to have the seat belts to be fitted properly in order to pass the LVV cert.

Please go through the information sheet from the following link before your purchase:

http://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/infosheets/LVVTA_Info_02-2012_Aftermarket_Sport_Seats_-_General_Information.pdf .

*16 mounting point design that fully compatible with major race seat manufacturers including Recaro, OMP, Sparco, Momo, Bride, Racetech etc…

* Bolts and nuts are sold separately

* Double lock sliding rails are sold separately.

* Driver and passenger sides are exchangeable.


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