Exhaust Insulation Wrap - 4 Colours


Colour: Black
Width (Inches): 1"
Length (Meters): 4.5M
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Exhaust Insulation Wrap

Aeroflow's exhaust wrap is an innovative way to reduce unwanted and power robbing engine compartment heat, by wrapping your exhaust headers and down pipes you decrease exhaust density
and increase exhaust flow resulting in more power!
The White and Black exhaust wrap are rated to withstands 1200°F / 650°C direct heat and 2000°F / 1100°C of radiant heat.

titanium wrap is engineered to be stronger and more durable without the need to pre-wet the roll before installation and features a carbon fibre like look that withstands 1800°F / 980°C and 2500°F / 1371°C of intermittent radiant heat.

The Black Titanium exhaust wrap is rated to withstand 980°C (1800°F) and 1371°C (2500°F) of intermittent radiant heat.


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