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MoTeC's M1 GPA Package is a versatile and adaptable platform for the operation of port-injected engines.

Included are numerous ancillary features, such as driver switches (pit switch, boost limit etc.), knock control, intercooler sprays and gearbox coolant pumps. It also caters for many systems found on modified road vehicles, such as air conditioning control and four definable control outputs. ECU Input and Output pin allocations can be user-defined to suit individual requirements and self updating wiring schematics are provided.

MoTeC M130 GPA Package Includes:
Pit Speed Limiting
Switchable Fuel (Flex Fuel)
Ignition and Boost Trimming
Knock Control
Intercooler Sprayers
Nitrous Control
Variable Cam Control
Lap Timing (GPS, BR2, or switched input)
Basic Data Logging Level 1 (Fixed channels & rates) - See Accessories below for upgrades
Analysis Level 1 (i2 Standard) - See Accessories below for upgrade
The GPA Package can be easily integrated with other MoTeC products, utilising pre-defined CAN messaging for MoTeC Dash Loggers, LTC Lambda Controllers, E8XX Expander, HD-VCS / V2 Camera, ADR , BR2 , PDM, SLM and GPS.

Need more???
If you need additional advanced features such as any of those listed below, then you need to consider the GPR variants instead:

Traction Control
Gear Change Ignition Cut
Launch Control
Select either GPR or GPRP from the drop down above for more information.

General M130 Specifications:
Peak & Hold Injector Outputs: 8
Low Side Injector Outputs: 2

Low Side Ignition Outputs (max): 8

Auxiliary Outputs:
Half Bridge Outputs: 6

Universal Digital Inputs: 7
Analogue Voltage Inputs: 8
Analogue Temperature Inputs: 4
Knock Inputs: 2

CAN Bus: 1
Logging Memory: 120MB

Size (mm): 107x127x39
Weight (g): 300
Connector type: AMP Superseal 1.0
Number of connectors: 2
Pins: 60


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