S15 326 Power Body Kit


Model: 326 S15
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S15 326 Power Body Kit

We are taking orders for 326 S15 Body Kits
These are due into the country in 5-6 weeks.

Kit includes Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Sideskirts only

See example photos

The 326POWER 3D☆STAR Nissan S15 body kit brings a fresh and unique look to a car that can often suffer from being pretty unexciting to look at.

Made to order in Japan, the three-piece kit includes both front and rear bumpers along with a pair of side skirts. As these parts are fibreglass, some minor sanding may be required in order to achieve a perfect fit on your car, although the quality of 326POWER bodykits is second to none.
Please note in particular that fitting the 3D☆STAR S15 Rear Bumper may require some modifications to your exhaust tail pipe(s).

Body kit is made from FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic)

We also have Spirit Rei S13 Kits coming soon


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